North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

Garden Furnishings Galore

A garden is a place to enjoy and admire, your own private paradise to invite friends, family and make new memories, here at NWTT we want to help you create this oasis, our range of Garden Furniture will certainly help with that.

We have a wide range, such as Picnic Tables, Benches and Swings, to make sure all of your guests feel welcomed and are comfortable. There are also our Garden Arches that add that extra touch of class to your garden, no matter how you decide to use it. Our Plant Pots are great accessories for your garden, and provide a beautiful and stylish home for your garden plants, adding colour to your garden during the summer months.

So look no further for your Timber Garden Furniture, because here at North West Timber, we have everything, made with care and from the finest materials!

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