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Garden Fencing: Vertical Weatherboard Panels at NWTT

Installing fencing has many benefits to an outdoor space, both practical and aesthetic. Here at North West Timber Treatments, we stock a compre­hen­sive collection of fencing options, including weatherboard fence panels.

Garden Fencing

Weatherboard fence panels from NWTT are available with either a flat or a rounded top, allowing you to quickly achieve the aesthetic you're looking for. All of the panels are manufactured at our Manchester and St Helens depots and are pressure treated to ensure they have a long, maintenance-free service life.

Both round-top and flat-top weatherboard fence panels from NWTT are available in standard and heavy-duty formats. While the heavy-duty format has a higher initial material cost, this will be more than offset by the improved quality and extended service life.

Economy Vertical Weatherboard Panels: Flat-Top and Round-Top

This is our lowest-cost option when it comes to vertical weatherboard fence panels. Each panel comprises 18 feather-edge boards which are nailed to no less than 50 rails at the rear of the panel.

Heavy-Duty Vertical Weatherboard Panels: Flat-Top and Round-Top

Comprising 18 feather edge boards nailed to 65 rails at the rear of the panel, our heavy-duty vertical weatherboard fence panels feature a twice-weathered apex capping and are pressure treated with a rich, natural brown colouring.

Along with these and many other panel options, NWTT supply all of the post, fittings, fixings and other ancillaries required to install fencing of professional quality. Check out the dedicated 'Fencing' section of our website to discover more.

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