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Garden Fencing from NWTT - Privacy & Protection

Garden fencing offers loads of benefits and NWTT Timber Merchants are expert suppliers of everything you need to create the perfect fence. From posts to fencing panels and including everything in between, our collection is guaranteed to impress - here are NWTT’s Four Reasons to Fence!

  • Shelter - A good garden fence will protect your garden and its occupants from the elements. Wind speeds are reduced and driving rain will not affect the timber, which is given a professional protective treatment before leaving NWTT Timber Supplies. When it’s hot & sunny, fence panels also provide shelter and shade for people and plants.

  • Security - Fences, along with garden gates, act as a deterrent to intruders. From the reverse side, they provide security for children and/or pets, keeping them in a protected space that is not easy to slip away from. An enclosed garden is a safe garden and quality garden fencing will always be up to the important job.

  • Aesthetics - A large selection of garden fencing options means that you can create an outdoor space that is as beautiful as it is functional. You can go for a minimal, classic design to complement your existing garden or a more ornate choice to form an attractive garden feature - add your own choice of colour to complete the look, which can be changed whenever you feel like it with just a tin of paint and a brush.

  • Privacy - This is one of properties of garden fencing that consistently tops the polls when people are asked to name their own reasons for installing it. Of course, visual privacy is of major benefit though garden fencing is also surprisingly good at sound insulation, acting as a buffer between gardens.

Visit our ‘Fencing’ section to begin your journey to garden fencing that lasts for many years with very little maintenance. As with all timber supplies from North West Timber Treatments, absolute quality is guaranteed every time from the first piece of timber to the last.

Call NWTT Timber Supplies today to find out why our wood is so good! Garden Fencing from NWTT - safety & security as standard.

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