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First Day Of Spring

Today, Monday 20th of March, is officially the first day of Spring, which in many people eyes is the best Season there is, in the article I am going to go through 8 reasons why Spring is great!

1. Daylight Savings Time

This time of year is when days get longer and nights get shorter, and this is helped by the clocks going forward, which this year happens on Sunday 26th March. This means we get an extra hour of sun at the end of the day, meaning there is more time to get out there and do things with friends and family.

2. More Time In The Garden

This time of year is usually the time when the BBQ is brought out from the shed, dusted off, and fired up. We in Britain don't need much of an excuse to get the grill going and invite people over, and although we may only getting a handful of days that are considered 'BBQ Weather' we definitely don't let those go to waste.

3. Bank Holidays

It's hard to spend time with friends and family in this glorious weather when you are all so busy working, which is why bank holidays at this time of year are very welcome. There are 4 bank holidays to enjoy throughout Spring;

  • Good Friday: Friday, April 14.
  • Easter Monday: Monday, April 17.
  • Early May bank holiday: Monday, May 1.
  • ​Spring bank holiday: Monday, May 29.

4. Spring Clean

Dusting the cobwebs off isn't just a metaphore, it is taken literally a this time of year, when people usually take this opportunity of more personnel time and longer days to get the house cleaned and tisy, and get ready of every bad memory of Winter!

5. Being Active

No one likes to admit but most people do tend to hibernate over Winter, and put on a few pounds (just to try and keep warm).

Spring is great to get you motivated to shed the pounds, and get out your bike, running shoes, or even you gym membership card!

6. Festival Season

Make no mistake, festival season is in full swing throughout Spring.

Festivals are great oppor­tuni­ties to spend time with friends, use some holidays at work and go and enjoy some live music and a weekend camping. See Here for all the festivals happening in the UK and beyons

7. Sports Calendar

These Spring months provide the perfect weather and atmosphere to get out and enjoy some truely great sport, luckily the calendar is packed with things to look forward to;

  • 26th March - England World Cup Qualifier, Wembley
  • 26th March - F1 season starts in Melbourne
  • 6th April - Golf Masters, Augusta, USA
  • 8th April - Grand National, Aintree, Sheffield
  • 15th April - Snooker World Championship
  • 20th May - Rugby League 'Magic Weekend', Newcastle
  • 21st May - Premier League Final Day
  • 27th May - FA Cup Final, Wembley
  • 3rd June - Champions League Final, Cardiff

8. A Time To Be Together

All of the points above really lead to the fact that Spring is a time to be together, with the improved weather, more time off, and more events and activities to undertake, Spring simply, is a time to be enjoyed and cherished with friends and family.

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