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Fencing: The Complete NWTT Collection

As well as providing a practical physical barrier, fencing also has powerful effects on the aesthetic of a property. If you want to create quality fencing that is as effective as it is attractive, then we've got everything you're going to need right here at NWTT.


Heavy Duty Vertical Weatherboard Fence Panel

Fence Panel Posts

Concrete Fence Posts

  • Economy Vertical Weatherboard Fence Panels: our standard option combines strength with versatility. Each panel has been pressure treated to ensure that they will last and last no matter how bad the weather gets
  • Heavy-Duty Vertical Weatherboard Fence Panels: for a nominal extra charge, you can upgrade to these heavy-duty panels, delivering the ultimate in robustness thanks to a twice-weather apex capping
  • Concrete Fence Panels: a range of options are available, allowing you to create a totally different aesthetic look to traditional timber panels
  • Concrete Fence Posts: the foundation of any construction project is crucial and our concrete fence posts are the only way to start creating good fencing. There is a wide selection available to exactly suit the requirements of your fencing project
  • Ecofix Concrete: designed for use with all types of fence posts from timber to metal, Ecofix is a fence post concrete with a setting time of just ten minutes. Easy to mix and use, Ecofix is envi­ron­men­tally-friendly, supplied in showerproof recyclable bags
  • Roughneck Micro Shovel: ideal for use in areas with limited access, this quality tool is made using industrial-strength steel with a lightweight fibreglass handle. The very best blade-to-handle connection is delivered with power rings and the shovel's round point makes it particularly versatile
  • Acrylic Line Marker: preparation is key to a successful result and our acrylic line marker, supplied in a choice of hi-vis colours, will make sure you achieve a totally straight line
  • Thermal Grip Gloves: protect your hands from injury and cold weather simul­ta­ne­ously with these one-size-fits-all thermal gloves

FP-ECOFIX - Concrete

Micro Shovel Round Point 685mm (27in) Handle

Acrylic Line Marker 750ml

HD Thermal Grip Gloves

Create perfect fencing every time with the NWTT fencing collection.

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