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Fencemate DuraPost: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The traditional materials used to create fencing structures and concrete and wood but both options have their downsides. In answer to this issue, leading company Fencemate have created the DuraPost collection, which is now available to purchase from official supplier NWTT.

Wooden fenceposts and other elements can be vulnerable to rotting, warping and cracking while concrete is extremely heavy, cumbersome, time-consuming to install and lacking in flexibility. According to figures from the AFI, there is a shortage of labour in the installation sector which means that fencing contractors need a reliable, cost-effective and easy to install product to keep up with demand.

Fencemate DuraPost transforms the way fencing is erected. The components of the collection are made using strong, robust and lightweight galvanised steel, making is stronger, lighter and both easier and faster to install. Unlike timber, the material will not rot or warp and, unlike concrete, it will not chip or crack. Up to 80% lighter than concrete, it is efficient to install and readjust. At least twice as quick to install as alter­natives, Fencemate DuraPost cuts installation time in half, resulting in huge labour cost savings.

A selection of colours is available in order to allow any aesthetic to be matched and complemented and the collection includes fenceposts, composite gravel boards, post caps, capping rails and U channels, all available at the most competitive prices from NWTT. And, to save you even more money, the entire collection currently features an attractive 15% price discount for a limited time.

Browse your options today and order soon to save that cost-busting 15% across the range!

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