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Father's Day Blog 2021

Given that it is Father’s Day this weekend, we thought it would be a good idea to have a member of our marketing team share an experience they have had with their Dad. We are always up for some wholesome content, especially when it comes to a special weekend like this.


“The last big project that I done with my Dad was June/July 2020 during lockdown. It was my younger brother’s birthday and we decided to have a socially distanced small barbecue but the furniture we had in our garden wasn’t big enough to accommodate this. So we decided to buy some old wooden pallets and timber and create our own benches and tables so we could still be together…just 2 metres apart. It was a difficult yet simple project; the weather was unusually hot, so I had some crisp tan (sunburn) lines and it was the first time that I had done anything like it. My Dad taught me a lot over the few weeks, for example the little simple things like if you measure out a long piece of timber to be cut into specific lengths I will need to keep in mind the width of the blade so add that on too. It was fun, really hot, challenging yet so rewarding. The picture below is the end product. I think during my time on furlough, this is one memory I won’t forget and I have my Dad and brother to thank for that.”


Although the name of the holiday is Father’s Day, it is a day that is to not just honor Fathers, but people who are also like father figures to you; if that be your grandfather, father-in-law or even a guardian. Why not show this person some appreciation this Sunday and get them agift that will truly mean something to them.

To celebrate this special day in our calendar why not check out our special offers on products such as:

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