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Fascias: The Benefits of uPVC Tudor Boards

The frontage of a structure, known as its fascia, is incredibly important: as well as providing protection to the building, it also delivers a visually-pleasing aesthetic that gives the whole structure its character. Here at NWTT, we supply a compre­hen­sive collection of fascia materials and ancillaries, including the always-popular uPVC Tudor Boards.

Tudor boards have a beautiful appearance that is immediately recog­ni­sable. Though an extremely desirable fascia material, traditional timber Tudor boards involve a lot of maintenance but there is a way to enjoy the best of both worlds: Tudor boards made from uPVC. Here are some of the key benefits...

  • Natural Appearance. Exactly replicating the unique colours and textures found in real timber, uPVC Tudor boards are designed to look completely natural. NWTT supply the structural components in a choice of four colours: Mahogany, Oak, Rosewood or Black
  • Increased Longevity. Strong, robust and hardwearing, uPVC is a material that is designed for durability. Tudor boards made using uPVC will deliver many years of low-maintenance enjoyment
  • Weathering Resistance. The varied climate of the UK means that timber fascias can suffer from warping, cracking and rotting as they become drenched and then dry out again in an ever-repeating cycle. UPVC Tudor boards are completely resistant to this problem.
  • Easy Instal­la­tion. Much lighter in weight than their traditional timber coun­ter­parts, uPVC Tudor boards are easy to transport and work with. All of the necessary brackets and other fixings are available from NWTT to complement your purchase.

Find out more details about uPVC Tudor boards and our other fascia options on the NWTT website or get in touch with our experienced technical team.

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