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EX 75mm X 50mm Scant Untreated

Ex75 x 50 Studding
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Scant timber is produced from kiln dried softwood.

What is the difference between Scant & CLS?

Scant and CLS Timber are abbreviated trade references to specific types of timber, which have a specific main use, in the form of building none load-bearing partition walls. Once these partition walls are constructed, the next stage in the process would be to face the walls with plasterboard. Please note these profiles may have square edges or eased edges, we cannot guarantee which one. 

Scant - EX 75mm x 50mm - Finished Size: 68mm x 42mm (+/- 3mm) 

Scant - EX 50mm x 50mm - Finished Size: 42mm x 42mm (+/- 3mm) 

CLS - EX 75mm x 50mm - Finished Size: 63mm x 38mm (+/- 3mm)

For technical information on our treatment process, click here.

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