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EX 125mm X 22mm PTG Floor Board Whitewood

125mm x 22mm W/W PTG Floorboard
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At North West Timber, we offer a range of high quality PTG Floorboards. Our PTG is available in two grades Scandinavian 5ths Redwood and Sawfalling Whitewood.­ PTG stands for planed, tongued and grooved, they are wideley used for flooring as they have a unique ability to interlock with each other. This in turn means once installed, the boards will remain strong and are less likely to move. We advise that you select a suitable Insulation to install beneath your flooring to keep your home warm in the colder months of the year. When installing flooring please bear in mind the following:

  • Flooring should be ‘­conditioned’ in situ for 2-3 weeks, dependent upon conditions. As timber is a natural product, this will give it time to absorb or lose moisture so that there is less likelihood of excess movement after fitting.

  • Flooring must be laid facing upwards. This can be seen by inspecting the tongue and the groove: the face side has the thicker surface.

Our flooring can be purchased untreated & Treated - Green/­­Brown/­­Clear. When using flooring externally we recommend you opt for the treated option.

What is the difference between PTG Redwood Flooring & PTG Whitewood Flooring?

EX 125mm x 25mm Redwood PTG  - Finished Size: 120mm x 20mm (+/- 1mm) - Coverage (When "interlocked") - 112mm x 20mm

EX 150mm x 25mm Redwood PTG  - Finished Size: 145mm x 20mm (+/- 1mm) - Coverage (When "interlocked") - 138mm x 20mm

EX 125mm x 22mm Whitewood PTG  - Finished Size: 120mm x 18mm (+/- 1mm) - Coverage (When "interlocked") - 112mm x 18mm

EX 150mm x 25mm Whitewood PTG  - Finished Size: 145mm x 18mm (+/- 1mm) - Coverage (When "interlocked") - 138mm x 18mm

Random Lengths provided. If set Lengths required please contact the sales team. When ordering, L/mtr refers to linear metre of timber.

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For technical information on our treatment process, click here.

If you require further information on our EX 125mm X 22mm PTG Floor Board Whitewood give sales a call on 01942 720777 or email us on

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