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EX 125mm X 19mm PTGVJ1S

125mm PTGVJ1S
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At North West Timber, we offer a range of high quality planed, tongued and grooved cladding in various sizes. Our softwood PTGVJ1S & PTVJ2S is manufactured from Scandinavian 5ths Redwood which is precision finished and fully machined. It is suitable for a wide range of joinery applications where appearance is important and/or when a clean finish is required. Thinner profiles of softwood cladding are commonly used to ​make sheds, summer houses and gates. Thicker profiles are used more in precision joinery including internal cladding and FL&B Doors. Timber Cladding is suitable for both internal and external use on both domestic and commercial properties.

Our timber cladding can be purchased untreated & Treated - Green/­­Brown/­­Clear. When using cladding externally we recommend you opt for the treated option.

What is the difference between PTGVJ1S & PTGVJ2S?

PTGV. This traditional style of cladding features a tongue and groove profile with a v-joint and has a planed finish. It is popular because of the way each board interlocks creating a system that is reliable and resilient.  

EX 100mm x 19mm PTGVJ1S -  v-jointed one side - Finished Size: 95mm x 15mm (+/- 1mm) - Coverage (When "interlocked") - 88mm x 15mm

EX 125mm x 19mm PTGVJ1S - v-jointed one side - Finished Size: 120mm x 15mm (+/- 1mm) - Coverage (When "interlocked") - 112mm x 15mm

EX 125mm X 25mm PTGVJ2S - v-jointed both sides - Finished Size: 120mm x 19mm (+/- 1mm) - Coverage (When "interlocked") - 112mm x 19mm

Available in random lengths only.

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If you require further information on our EX 125mm X 19mm PTGVJ1S give sales a call on 01942 720777 or email us on

For technical information on our treatment process, click here.

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