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Economy Waney Lap Fence Panel

JHM Waney Panel
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Waney fence panels, commonly known as overlap or larch lap fence panels, are the UK’s most popular fencing panels. Ideal for garden boundaries, these panels offer an economic screening solution. The Waney fence panel is formed from waney edge boards that are horizontally overlapped and are framed using 38 x 19 Sawn Battens, 38 x 8 Sawn Splits & 47 x 20 capping.

Economy Waney Panels Vs Heavy Duty Waney Panels...

Our two types of panels use the same components when manuf­ac­turing the only difference being the thickness of the waney board. Our Economy panels feature a 6mm board whereas our Heavy Duty panels feature an 8mm Board. This 8mm board overlaps in a different style to the 6mm creating a more robust panel built to last.

Our Panels comprise of the following components:

Panel Size Waney Boards - 6mm/8mm 38mm x 19mm Battens 38mm x 8mm Splits 38mm x 19mm Battens 47mm x 20mm Capping
6 x 2 6 No Waney Boards 5 No 0.6mtr 2 No 0.6mtr 2 No 1.825mtr 1 No 1.825mtr
6 x 3 9 No Waney Boards 5 No 0.9mtr 2 No 0.9mtr 2 No 1.825mtr 1 No 1.825mtr
6 x 4 12 No Waney Boards 5 No 1.2mtr 2 No 1.2mtr 2 No 1.825mtr 1 No 1.825mtr
6 x 5 15 No Waney Boards 5 No 1.5mtr 2 No 1.5mtr 2 No 1.825mtr 1 No 1.825mtr
6 x 6 18 No Waney Boards 5 No 1.825mtr 2 No 1.825mtr 2 No 1.825mtr 1 No 1.825mtr

All our panels are maufactured to the highest quality at our Manchester Branch.All our panels use components that are pressure treated brown. Green panels are available upon request.

For technical information on our treatment process, click here.

If you require further information on our Heavy Duty Waney Panel give sales a call on 01942 720777 or email us on

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