North West Timber Treatments Ltd.


Here at NWTT we like to think of ourselves as forward thinking and progressive, and we like our products to reflect that. That is why we now supply Eco-Cement from ECOCEM. Not only does it have major benefits to the environment and to anyone who uses it, it is also the cheapest Cement that we now sell, only £3.50 for a 25kg bag!

So what makes Eco-Cement so great? Well there are a number of things, using this cement will lead to a stronger and better finished concrete, as well as increased durability which means later repair is minimal. It also has up to a 60% reduction in its carbon footprint compared to other leading cement, meaning you can rest easy knowing you are doing your bit for this planet, just by switching to the Eco-Cement.

There really is no good reason why you would not use the ECOCEM Eco-Cement over any other type of cement, so make sure to pick yours up now, only £3.50 for a 25kg bag.

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