North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

Easter Weekend

Easter is here!

Easter weekend is upon us, and this may be the first time you’ve had chance to get out in that garden this year. After the unfortunate weather we have had over the last few months, you may have a thing or two left damaged, a plant or two which didn’t quite survive the winter, and even maybe a few pesky weeds which have surfaced.

Not to worry though! As NWTT are here to help and get your garden back to looking its very best with a few quick fixes which you may find useful if you need to do a bit of last-minute DIY leading up to this easter weekend.

Has your fencing become damaged over the past couple of months due to the severe weather and is in desperate need of replacement? Not to worry, here we have large stocks of our Vertical Weatherboard Fence Panels. An ideal, affordable choice for any home which with look great all year round in our Brown Pressure Treated coating.

Needing a fresh bedding for some new spring flowers? An ideal purchase would have to be some fresh top soil and some sleeper beds. These two will combine well together, separated by some fabric to create the ideal raised sleeper bed to rest those fresh flowers in, keeping them away from the ground, removing the possibility of weeds as well as giving your garden a lively appearance all year round.

Thinking of a quick change of scenery in the garden? Decorative stones and/or Bark Mulch would be an ideal thing to place in your borders or lay down a new pathway or even just touch up the more dull sections of the garden. The possibilities are endless and with the wide range of decorative aggregates NWTT have to offer it would be foolish not to take a look!

If you’re looking for the ideal place to get your garden back on top form, then why not go and check out your one stop DIY, timber and builders’ merchants NWTT and see what you could create today!