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Define your Space: Concrete Fence Posts & Panels

A garden is the perfect combination of freedom and privacy; your very own slice of the great outdoors. Whether you have a huge outdoor space or just a small area, you can increase the aesthetic, financial and security value by installing quality fencing. NWTT supply a wide selection of fencing products, including concrete posts and panels.

Concrete Intermediate PostsConcrete Fence Posts

All concrete fence posts supplied by NWTT are manufactured using the wet-cast process, which gives them a beautifully smooth, light-grey finish. Much tougher and more durable than conventional timber, our concrete fence posts are suitable for use with many different kinds of fence panels, from standard types to more decorative examples.

There are several different types of concrete fence posts available from NWTT, including end, intermediate and corner posts. When extra versatility is required, our 3-way and multi-hole posts are ideal.

Rock Face Base PanelConcrete Base Panels

There are two types of concrete base panels available from NWTT these are:

  • Plain Base Panels. Also known as gravel boards, our plain base panels slot simply into concrete posts. Prevented from ground contact, the panels are far less susceptible to rotting and can be slotted one on top of another to create a solid fence. These panels feature metal rods running throughout, further reinforcing their robust strength.
  • Rock-Faced Base Panels. For a more decorative, visually-appealing effect, our rock-faced concrete base panels are ideal. They can be used in exactly the same way as standard base panels to deliver a combination of stunning aesthetics and unmatched practi­cality.­ 

For all your fencing needs, NWTT is the one-stop shop. We deliver goods of professional quality at competitive prices, all with our impeccable customer service thrown in. Browse your options NOW!

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