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Decorative Stone - For the Perfect Path

Follow these tips from NWTT Timber Merchants and your gravel path will be absolutely perfect to enjoy this coming summer.

  • Choose your gravel - NWTT Timber Supplies offer an eclectic range and more details are below

  • Mark the position - use pegs and string and, if possible, make the path wide enough for two people to comfortably pass one another

  • Start digging - Excavate your marked-out area to a depth of around 100mm (4”)

  • Rake it flat - this will help to keep the gravel from spreading and provide a comfortable walking profile

  • Kill weeds - use a spray or liquid weedkiller, following all necessary safety precautions

  • Sort the sides - position pressure-treated timber boards along the edge of the pathway, securing them to timber pegs with woodscrews

  • Prevent weed growth - it’s essential to lay a waterproof membrane along the trench base

  • Add foundation - Lay around 50mm (2”) of hardcore onto the surface of the membrane, spreading evenly and compacting firmly to secure foundation for the gravel

  • Finishing touch - Now its time to finally add the gravel before raking flat and enjoying your new path!

Our current bestseller is Gold Coast gravel, a simply stunning mix of white and sandy desert tones. Striking, bold and eye-catching, particularly in direct sunlight, it isn’t hard to see why this is our most popular decorative stone. Cotswold Stone chippings are also perfect for pathways and offer instant elegance while our luxurious Plum Slate is imposing and regal. For a dash of extravagant colour, why not try our wild Pink Pebble?!

Get the perfect path this summer with NWTT Timber Supplies. From the treated timber and aggregate to the gorgeous decorative gravel, we have everything you need available today. NWTT - transforming the outdoors.

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