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Decorative Stone: 6 Steps to Create a Gravel Garden

At NWTT, we offer an eclectic choice of decorative stone options that can totally transform the look of your garden. With summer just around the corner, it's the perfect time to carry out some landscaping work and here we present our 6-step guide to creating a gorgeous gravel garden.

Gravel garden

  1. Preparation. Start by measuring the space properly, mapping it out on a piece of graph paper. This will give you a superb, accurate overview. As you map out the perimeter, make a note of where you want to put plants or decorative elements such as benches, water features and decorative stones. Then, clear the area, removing all existing plants from the perimeter and ensuring a clean, debris-free foundation.
  2. Improve soil quality. Dig over the area to soften hard ground and aerate the soil, improving its quality and giving plants the best start. Add compost and/or fertiliser then rake over to level out, ensuring there are no lumps.
  3. Apply a weed-suppressant membrane. Plastic sheets are not a suitable alternative as they prevent essential air and water from reaching the soil, resulting in an anaerobic environment in which plants cannot survive.
  4. Add edging. Lay edging strips just above where the gravel level will be, preventing them from becoming scattered. A variety of materials can be used for this process depending on which aesthetic you prefer so check out our website to discover your options.
  5. Add plants. You should give plants plenty of space to grow so position them like islands, which will leave plenty of gravel visible. Cut a cross through the membrane in the identified planting spots, folding back the edges as you do so. Remove soil to make room and place the plant in the recess, unfolding membrane edges to form a tight seal.
  6. Add gravel. Choose from our exciting selection of decorative aggregates and add a generous amount, raking level as you go. A deep layer will help to moderate soil temperature and keep moisture trapped in the ground.

You can now enjoy your unique gravel garden and be the envy of all your neighbours! Check out the NWTT collection of decorative stone options on our website. Want to receive more informative articles like this, along with exclusive updates and special offers? Subscribe to our newsletter today!

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