North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

Decking Boards from Composite Prime

NWTT is proud to number among the official, carefully-selected suppliers of Composite Prime, a compre­hen­sive, state-of-the-art decking system. Ideal for both residential and commercial projects, the system centres on decking boards fabricated using a unique mix of wood flour and plastic.

Composite decking boards can be used to create brand new decks or to replace old ones. Held firmly in place with retaining clips, the boards can be cut easily using standard woodworking tools and the finishing touch is provided in the form of fascia boards and end caps.

A combination of recycled plastics and FSC wood flour is used to manufacture composite decking boards, resulting in an ethical, sustainable and all-round envi­ron­men­tally-friendly product. Wood flour allows us to achieve an extremely natural wood grain appearance while the addition of recycled plastic means that the finished product is much stronger and more durable than traditional timber decking boards.

Composite decking boards look and feel almost indis­tin­gu­is­hable from natural timber. Unlike timber, however, composite boards are not as susceptible to damage from weathering, resulting in a far longer-lasting lifetime. Safety is improved as there is no chance of splintering and the composite boards are particularly slip-resistant.

To find out more about the range of Composite Prime decking materials available from NWTT, check out the company's website at https://­www.­

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