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Could your fencing be at risk with the severe weather?

Could your fencing be at risk with the severe weather?

Two storms are heading for the North-West in the next few days, according to the met office they will be of yellow warnings and gusts of 60-70 miles per hour can be expected.

In a Met Office daily forecast video, meteorologist Alex Deakin warned people in the affected areas to brace for “heavy rain and ever-strengthening winds”.

The meteorologist said:
“It’s going to be a windy day throughout with those winds continuing to pick up through the afternoon and the evening,”

With strong winds and poor weather conditions affecting the North-West of England and further beyond, this could cause disruption and destruction and damage to your fencing, and therefore breakages may occur. This meaning you might need a fast solution to replace them, all the while not breaking the bank at these times of higher inflation.

At NWTT our panels are constructed in the North-West of England by local people at our Manchester Depot and are extremely sturdy and able to withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. So, if you’re looking for a replacement or even a number to contact if the unforeseen was to happen, you know just where to call.

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