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Cotswold Stone

Cotswold Stone is commonly quarried from the hillsides surrounding this South Midland area, frequently referred to as the “Cotswold Edge”. What makes Cotswold limestone so unique, in addition to the distinctive cream colour, is its granular texture. In the Cotswolds, there are many houses that are actually made from this limestone, and there are any great reasons for that. The first being that the natural stone is much cheaper when comparing to other cladding materials. Despite this, the limestone walling actually adds value to the property all the while being very kind your heating bill due to it being naturally energy efficient and easy to maintain. The material is also extremely durable (it must be considering it’s the main structure for a house) but this is also the case for Cotswold Stone.

Cotswold Stone is a popular choice for any household that really wants to stand out on the road. It can be a feature anywhere on your property, whether that be a border for your lawn area, creating pathways or even for a driveway, the possibilities are endless.

The distinctive shade of which is provides really makes the surrounding areas spring to life contrasting well with any garden area to surely impress the neighbours or any visitors you may have round over the summer months.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, eye catching decorative stone to use, then this would be a great choice for making a driveway. When paired with a weed reducing membrane as a bottom layer this will provide a secure surface with no pesky weeds growing through creating a boring, time-consuming job for you.

No matter what you use it for, this affordable, traditional gravel will make a great addition to your home so why not have a look at buying some today! This product is available in small bags (25kg), half bulk bags and bulk bags and this weekend our bulk bags of this will be on offer at 10% off!

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