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Composite Decking: Features and Benefits

Composite decking continues to increase in popularity, thanks to its many unique benefits and features. The television programme 'DIY SOS' recently featured the product, showing just how important it has become over recent years. Here are some of the main benefits of composite decking, created by leading brand Composite Prime and proudly brought to you by NWTT.


  • Envi­ron­men­tally-Friendly. The green credentials of Composite Prime decking are unmatched as each decking board is created using a mixture of wood flour and recycled plastic. Every square metre of decking contains the equivalent of over 3,00 recycled plastic bottle caps and the wood used to make the wood flour is sourced from sustainable, FSC-approved timber.
  • Anti-Fungal. The most common cause of rot and decay in traditional timber decking is mould and fungus. With decking boards from Composite Prime, these is no danger of this occurring as the material is naturally resistant to both of these issues.
  • Low-Maintenance. Composite Prime decking boards do not require any treatments such as staining or painting, reducing the amount of work required for successful installation as well as making the project more cost-effective.
  • Durable. For many years after instal­la­tion, Composite Prime decking boards will maintain their attractive aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional timber decking boards, composite boards will not warp, bend or decay over time and exposure to the elements.
  • Safe. Again unlike traditional timber decking boards, those produced by Composite Prime will not splinter, meaning that they are always safe and comfortable to walk on, even barefooted!
  • Risk-Free. A full warranty is supplied with every purchase, giving you the peace of mind you need to relax and really enjoy your new decking structure.

For more information about composite decking boards from Composite Prime, check out our website or get in touch with our team.

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