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Building Supplies: A Lucky Dip into our Real Deals 2019...

Our Real Deals 2019 promotion is already well underway, with lots of you making big savings across a select range of products from NWTT. There are currently more than 90 items reduced in price, many of which would make the perfect Christmas gift for the handy person in your life. Let's take a lucky dip into Santa's sack and see what's inside...

20oz Antivibe Hammer with Bar

Hammering can hard work and one of the most common complaints is that vibration causes discomfort and operator fatigue, as well as making the work less efficient. The 20oz Antivibe Hammer with Bar comes complete with an integral tuning fork which dramatically dampens such vibration, making the job at hand much easier. Made from steel in a single-piece forged construction process, the 20oz Antivibe Hammer with Bar is supplied with a 15" Stanley Utility Bar.

8-Piece Splitproof Chisel Set

From renowned tool manufacturer Irwin Marples, a brand with almost 200 years of heritage, the 8-Piece Splitproof Chisel Set is designed to deliver reliable, superlative performance and precision in woodworking, joinery and carpentry appli­cations. The set is presented in a beautiful wooden box, making it an ideal gifting option.

138-Piece Mixed Drive Socket and Spanner Set

Never again will the recipient of this gift be stuck for exactly the right size and type of socket or spanner! A massive 13 different components comprise the set, which comes complete with its own robust plastic storage container.

Extreme Safety Boots & Roughneck Work Socks

Combining safety with style, this pair of quality footwear is the gift that will keep on giving. And, as socks are a classic Christmas present, you might as well add a twin pack of our Roughneck Work Socks to go with them!

There are many more items to discover in our Real Deals 2019 promotion so explore our website today!

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