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Bonfire Night 2021

Bonfire Night 2021

This weekend we will be celebrating bonfire night, will you be visiting the local bonfire display? Watching from your window? Or even having a little bonfire of your own? Whatever you do this Friday be sure to keep safe and make sure you’re doing everything right to keep yourself from harm this bonfire night.

What’s one of the main things that you need to start a fire? You guessed it, wood, so we have decided to put some Fox Blox Wood Fuel Briquettes on sale for you to use. Due to it being carbon neutral, longer lasting than seasoned logs, with no binding agents or additives used, containing a moisture content of less than 10% and most importantly, a clean burn with no sparks or spitting making this product ideal for any of you who are looking to have a little fire of your own this Friday.

Now that bonfire night is approaching, it just means that we are edging closer and closer to the peak of winter which means more nights spent indoors. Why not look online to see if there is anything that you may like for keeping you and your family cozier in these brisk months, we have a huge range of special offers including winter essentials such as insulation, Door casings, Skirtings and Architraves, aggregates for maintaining a safe surface for when you find yourself on the front garden in icy conditions as well as sturdy fence panels to protect your garden from the winter winds which are well on their way in.

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