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Thistle Bonding Coat is a gypsum undercoat plaster for use on low-suction backgrounds, e.g. some brickwork, block work or concrete, Gyproc plas­ter­bo­ard, expanded metal lath, or surfaces treated with bonding agent. With a final coat of Thistle Multi Finish, Thistle Bonding Coat provides a smooth, inert, high quality surface to internal walls and ceilings, and a durable base for the application of decorative finishes.

Thistle Bonding Coat is a lightweight, retarded he­mih­yd­ra­tes, pre-mixed gypsum plaster, in­cor­pora­ting exfoliated vermiculite aggregate, requiring only the addition of clean water to prepare it for use. Each bag covers ap­pro­xima­tely 2.75mtr2 x 11mm thick, with a setting time of 1.5 / 2 hours.

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