North West Timber Treatments Ltd.

Become More House Proud

The home is where the heart is, it's where you spend most of your life, where you create memories and raise a family, so it is important that no matter how grand, or cosy your home is, you need to be proud to wake up in it every morning, and go home to it every night.

We at NWTT share your enthusiasm when it comes to being house proud, whether you are doing a bit of DIY, or some major redeco­ration, my weekend was spent on our wash room, fitting a new door, as well as adding a fresh lick of paint, and there are few greater feelings than standing back and admiring your work, even if you are (like me) only a DIY novice.

but you don't need to be a master tradesman to do yourself proud when it comes to a little bit of home TLC, our products are perfect for both the novice and the profes­sional, as well as the products that I used over the weekend, we also sell a range of plastering products, tools and clothing to help with making sure that you have a home to be proud of, or to turn a house, into a home.

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