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Be Safe this Bonfire Night...

Bonfire Night is just around the corner and, while the event can be lots of fun, it's also by its very nature a dangerous time of year. NWTT supply a range of products designed to improve fire safety in construction projects.

Everbuild Fire Foam

Everbuild Fire FoamEverbuild Fire Foam is designed for professional use and can be easily applied using a standard foam applicator gun. The formula utilises polyurethane foam, which is particularly versatile and helps to reduce downtime thanks to the fact that it is extremely quick to set once applied.

In specified joint confi­gura­tions, Everbuild Gun Grade Fire Foam is proven to be fire-resistant for up to two hours. Upon application, the formula quickly expands up to 50 times the contents of the pack, meeting the stringent requirements of the test criteria for the British Standard 476 (Part 20).

Priced at just £9.74 (£11.69 including VAT), Everbuild Fire Foam is a particularly cost-effective option when purchased directly from NWTT.

Fire Safety SignsFire Safety Signs

A full collection of fire safety signs is available from NWTT. Rendered in either PVC or photo-luminescent material, these crucial warning signs have been shown to dramatically reduce the risks associated with fire.

Available options include 'Fire Door', 'Fire Assembly Point', 'Fire Extin­gu­isher' and 'Fire Exit', plus many more. Check out our collection of signs to discover further options.

Have a safe, fun Bonfire Night with NWTT!

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