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Artificial Grass - Modern Alternative Supplied by NWTT Timber Merchant

For those of us of a certain age, the words ‘artificial grass’ call up awful memories of scratchy, bright-green Astroturf. Intended to sweep the country’s gardens with year-round green lawns, the material quickly became more likely to be seen in a greengrocer’­s display window.

Astroturf has long since been relegated to history but Urban10 Essentials have resurrected the idea - with stunning results. The company have designed and manufactured Witchgrass, a complete artificial grass solution that is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its many qualities.

The talented designers at Urban10 Essentials quickly realised that the solid green flatness of Astroturf and many other artificial grasses was what CAUSED the ‘grass’ to look fake. Real grass is never so uniform in colour or length and, accordingly, Witchgrass designs mimic real grass almost exactly by using a mixture of yarn lengths and textures, along with a various palette of natural green hues.

Witchgrass has integral UV stabili­sation to ensure its vivid tones do not fade and, if simply kept clear of debris and occasionally rinsed, will offer continued service long beyond its standard 10-year quality guarantee. The product can be used practically anywhere to bring a much-needed touch of colour and texture to any outdoor (or even indoor!) area.

NWTT Timber Merchants are proud to supply a full range of Witchgrass products, including specialised adhesive to ensure a perfect result every time.

For more information on transforming your garden or outdoor space using Urban10 Essentials’ Witchgrass, please call our expert Timber Merchants on 01942 720777 or email

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