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Artificial Grass - The Instant Lawn!

Everyone remembers (mostly not fondly!) the lurid green colouring and somewhat scratchy texture of Astroturf, the artificial grass that started a craze, promising for once the possibility of a year-round green lawn. Due to it clearly not being real grass and feeling awful into the bargain, it was a craze that would quickly see it relegated to green­grocers’ displays and low-rent all-weather games areas. Artificial Grass has, however, recently made a surprise comeback, though bears little resemblance to its old ancestor!

Urban10 Essentials, a fresh, dynamic and fast-growing company, have created Witchgrass, a range of artificial grass solutions designed for any size or shape of space. The company also produce a quality range of doormats and rugs which, along with Witchgrass, are created by the most modern and innovative designers that the company can cherry-pick from all over the world. We are proud to become part of their retail network and, as always, will consistently seek to offer our customers the most competitive price.

Witchgrass is designed to mimic natural grass as closely as possible - the company were innovative in realising that this natural look can only be achieved by throwing out the rule-book of conformity and uniformity that Astroturf held so dear. Natural grass growth is anything but uniform and so Witchgrass is created using more than one green tone and with a mixture of lengths and straightness of yarn (they have even thought to include the natural blades of dead, brown grass that are part of every lawn, completely and perfectly mimicking nature!).

The major benefit of artificial grass is, of course, no more mowing! Simply keep the lawn clear of any debris (leaves and other tree detritus, for instance) and rinse when necessary and it will easily outlast the ten-year guarantee offered with the product. No colour fading will occur due to the integral UV-stabili­sation and the convincing replica can be applied to almost any area (we think ANY area - challenge us!). Soft yet durable, comfortable yet strong, Witchgrass will allow you to create the perfect outdoor space.

Whether your garden is a quiet, tranquil resting place or busy family fun area, Witchgrass can enhance and improve your garden, changing the way you look at and use it forever. Check out the full range and order safe in the knowledge that the highly-experienced NWTT Timber Merchants are with you every step of the way.

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