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Artificial Grass: 8 Steps to Perfect Installation

When it's in tip-top condition, a grass lawn adds massive aesthetic appeal to any property. But getting it into that condition and, more importantly, keeping it that way, is far from easy, especially when the weather is especially hot or wet. The solution is artificial grass and laying it successfully is an easy and rewarding project: simply follow the NWTT step-by-step guide!

artificial grass

  • PREPARE. Clear the area of all debris: if you're replacing an area of existing grass then this needs digging out first. Lay a sub base, compacted in two layers, to ensure drainage efficiency and provide a good foundation.
  • LEVEL OFF. Add a layer of sand (you can find quality sand in the 'Building Aggregate' section of our website) and spread to a smooth, even depth of 20mm. Compact and check again for consistent depth.
  • INSTALL MEMBRANE. A crucial step but one that is often overlooked, leading to weed growth spoiling the look of the realistic artificial lawn. Geotextile membrane can be purchased from our website and should be overlapped by around 30cm. 
  • ROLL OUT. Ensuring the pile faces towards the main focal point and allowing 5cm extra on each side, roll out the artifical turf. Don't worry about precision when lining up roll ends as you want a totally natural-looking finished result.
  • TRIM. A sharp knife is all that's needed to get rid of rough edges.
  • STICK. Fold back edges and apply tape or adhesive, preventing blades of artificial grass from coming into contact with the sticky area. 
  • SWEEP. Go over the entire artificial lawn surface with a stiff brush.
  • WAIT. The curing process takes a few hours.
  • ENJOY! Your artificial lawn is ready to use in just the same ways you would use a real grass lawn. Except yours will keep on looking perfect whatever the season.

Check out our website for more details and please send us your photographs!

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