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Araldite Standard Syringe

Araldite Standard Syringe
Product code ARA4000003
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A strong, solvent-free adhesive suitable for all materials, ideal for durable bonding and repairs. Perfect for complicated jobs which require adjustment thanks to a long working time.


  • Bonds metal, wood, masonry, ceramics, glass, dry concrete, chipboard, leather, cardboard, fabric, rubber and most plastics (except polyethylene, polyp­ro­pylene, Teflon®). Make sure surfaces are clean and free from dust, corrosion, dirt and grease.
  • For optimum bonding, slightly roughen surfaces with sandpaper and degrease metals with a suitable solvent. During assembly apply light pressure to the joint until set (clamps, tape) around 8 hours.
  • Allow 14 hours to attain full strength before rough handling or sanding.


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