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Angle Finished Nails

  • RH17EAA
  • RH17EAA-2
Product code RH15EAA
  • £8.36
  • £10.03

For use with furniture and cabinets, molding and trim, baseboard, chair rail, window casings and upholstery trim panels.

Article number -  RH15EAA
Fastener type -

Finish nails

Fastener length -

30.1-33.2 mm

Collation type -

Glue collated

Shank type fastener -

Smooth shank

Fastener head type -


Wire material -

Regular galvanized standard tensile

Finish -


Point type -

Sharp chisel

Pointangle (nominal) -

70 º

Nominal diameter -

1.60 mm

Collation angle -

20 º

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