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A year in review at NWTT

A year in review

With this being the last blog you will see from us this calendar year, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the past 12 months and what it has meant for us as a merchants, the industry as a whole and for our customers. From lockdowns to shortages, increases and many more incon­veni­ences, it’s safe to say it’s been another tough year for us all.

Throughout 2021 we have done as much as we can to keep the customers coming and the business flowing, we had more special offers than ever before, while always looking out for what we think the customers may be looking for next, we touched on seasonal promotions such as the current Christmas calendar which is run through our mail list that can be found here.

We enjoyed keeping our weekend offers running every weekend all throughout April to now and we plan on taking those through to next year, we ran these to try and give the best prices on certain items amidst all the chaos of constant price increases which seen some timber rise almost 40%! This was down to multiple reasons, such as import issues, Brexit and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which we all thought would have been way behind us by now… Something new that we introduced this year was month long special offers, this is something that we were excited to get up and running and bring you our carefully selected discounts on items that we know are popular to many.

We have had endless feedback from the public throughout this year and we are always appreciative of what you have to say, whether that is good or bad, we believe feedback is the fuel that keeps the fire burning to drive us on to constantly improve and keep everyone happy.

Overall, we thank you for your continued support throughout this difficult year and we hope to see the same faces and many new ones throughout 2022 and beyond. From all of us at NWTT, we hope you have a Fantastic Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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