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75mm x 75mm Incised Post

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Incising is a process of cutting many incisions into a piece of timber to allow the preser­vative treatments to penetrate deeper than it normally would

It is a tried and tested technology and has been used for decades on the west coast of the USA and Canada.


Consis­tently improved preser­vative penetration

Uniform and consistent penetration pattern

Reduced surface checking in service

Widely known technology with long track record

Proven to exceed the UC4 penetration requ­ire­ments of BS8417 15 year desired service life for spruce.

Distinctive appearance


Fully Incised: Incisions across the full length of the post.

Ground Contact Only: Incisions not across the full length of the post.

All posts treated with Celcure AC-500 to use Class 4.

Guaran­teeing the timber a 15 year life expectancy.

ProperPOST 4 is suitable for all appli­cations from domestic fencing to council contracts.


If you require further information on our 75mm x 75mm Incised Post give sales a call on 01942 720777 or email us on sales@­nwtt.­co.­uk.

For technical information on our treatment process,­ click here.

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