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2X Life Wood & Nail Re­cip­ro­cating Blades 152mm Pack of 5

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The DEWALT 2X Life Wood & Nail Recip­ro­cat­ing Blades have superior HSS (high speed steel) teeth with added Cobalt for excellent cutting performance and extreme durability in the most demanding ap­pli­cati­ons. The optimised blade design provides increased height and thickness for sturdiness, strength and extreme durability. Fast and accurate cutting in wood applications thanks to the Plunge Point tip technology which pierces the wood and removes more material. The ToughCoat hardened coating lowers surface friction and reduces heat build up to promote long blade life.

DEWALT 2X Life Wood & Nail Re­cip­ro­cating Blades 152mm


If you require further information on our 2X Life Wood & Nail Re­cip­ro­cat­ing Blades 152mm Pack of 5 give sales a call on 01942 720777 or email us on sales@­nwtt.­co.­uk

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