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2.4m EX 75mm X 50mm Scant Untreated

Ex75 x 50 Studding
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Scant timber is produced from kiln dried softwood.

What is the difference between Scant & CLS?

Scant and CLS Timber are abbreviated trade references to specific types of timber, which have a specific main use, in the form of building none load-bearing partition walls. Once these partition walls are constructed, the next stage in the process would be to face the walls with plaster­board. Please note these profiles may have square edges or eased edges, we cannot guarantee which one. 

Scant - EX 75mm x 50mm - Finished Size: 68mm x 42mm (+/- 3mm) 

Scant - EX 50mm x 50mm - Finished Size: 42mm x 42mm (+/- 3mm) 

CLS - EX 75mm x 50mm - Finished Size: 63mm x 38mm (+/- 3mm)

For technical information on our treatment process, click here.

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