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125mm X 75mm C24 Graded Softwood

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If you’re looking for structural grade timber for DIY and construction projects, look no further than the C24 available at North West Timber. Whether you’re carrying out roofing work or creating a home extension, you can discover a vast array of C24 structural grade timber options in varying widths and lengths to suit your needs.

What is the difference between C16 and C24?

C16 and C24 are strength grades; the higher the grade, the better the load bearing quality it has. C16 is normally the grade that is produced from faster grown UK timber. C24 is a premium product as the wood is slower grown and is also denser. Higher loads and longer spans can be achieved with the use of C24 grade timber often with a smaller cross section. It is the better-quality structural option because it can take up to 50% longer for these timbers to grow, meaning that they have more growth rings. The more growth rings a piece of wood has, the higher its overall density, which in turn means that it has greater natural durability and improved stability. 

Our C24 Graded timber can be purchased untreated & Treated - Green/Brown.

  • Finished Size 120mm x 70mm (+/- 1mm)
  • Kiln Dried
  • C24 Strength Graded
  • Ideal softwood carcassing
  • Machined
  • Regualrised

All sizes are nominal and are not finished sizes.

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For technical information on our treatment process, click here.

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